Looking for work in Brendale?

If you are seeking work in Brendale you can register your details with Brendale Business Connect and we could help you find the job you are looking for in Brendale

Benefits of using the Brendale Jobs Noticeboard:


  • This is a free service.
  • The jobs are all in Brendale if you are local that means less time travelling to and from work.
  • We only deal with reputable businesses.
  • The jobs we find match the candidates experience and qualifications.


  • This is a low cost way to find employees who are local and want to work in Brendale.
  • Often the referrals that we receive mean the candidates are known to the businesses in our network.
  • The employees you attract from the Brendale Noticeboard are seeking job in Brendale and are local to the area which cuts down on their travel time to and from work.


  1. Candidate registers – Registration is FREE
  2. Candidate registers who are looking for work in Brendale register their interest using the registration form below.
  3. We then contact you for more details about what sort of work you are looking for.
  4. We then create an anonymous profile of the candidates outlining their skills, experience, availability, rate etc
  5. We then distribute candidate’s profiles to our network of businesses in Brendale.

If a Brendale Business is interested in talking to the candidate we will connect the candidate with that business – There is no fee for the candidate, this is a Free Service

Looking for Staff to work in Brendale?

If you are a Brendale Business and you are looking for staff we can assist in finding people from the local area who want to work in Brendale.


  1. Businesses register there interest in using the Brendale Jobs Noticeboard.
  2. We will then contact you and find out the details of who you are looking for.
  3. We then create a profile of the type of candidate you are seeking and distribute this to our extensive network of clients and businesses.
  4. We will notify you if there are any candidates that have expressed an interest and are happy to have their details passed on

If you would like the candidate(s) details there will be an admin charge of $100 + GST


We have lots of employers who are looking for local staff to fill their roles.
Register below to be notified about suitable roles in the Brendale area and then email your resume to monika@talentshift.com.au


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PRIVACY AND YOUR APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT – Brendale Business Connect collects personal information, which may include sensitive information about you needed to process your application. Should your application be successful this information may be kept and used directly in relation to the employment relationship. Brendale Business Connect may disclose your personal information to its members and local employers from time to time. If you fail to provide requested information in relation to your application, potential employers may not be able to process it. As a prospective employee, you have a right to access personal information which Brendale Business Connect collects and holds about you.


We have a pool of local candidates who are looking for work in Brendale and are ready to start! Register your vacancy and we will let you know how you can tap into this resource.

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