Category Five:



Significant community assistance by an individual, or a pattern of community assistance that has made a one-off or ongoing positive difference to the community.

The assistance does not have to be financial; it can be a commitment of time, resources, assets, skills, professional assistance or support that creates a positive outcome for the community.

A community can be a recognised local group, charity or an informal group who will positively benefit from the support of the individual. This can include responding to an emergency situation or ‘a cry for help’ from a community member for assistance.


The nominated individual must be part of the Brendale Business Community or local area.


Nomination submissions must include the reason behind the decision to provide community assistance, evidence of the assistance, including community acknowledgement where available. Benefits, outcomes and results for the community should be included to identify the difference the assistance has made.

Responding to an emergency situation and providing help in the community or help to a member of the community should include any media, social media or written communication where available, to acknowledge the extent of the assistance.

The assistance must have taken place at any time from the start of 2018/19 financial year up to closing date of award submission, or it can be an ongoing contribution carried over from previous years.

Community contact details should be provided where possible to assist with the category judging process. Contact consent for judges to call must be confirmed on the submission to ensure privacy requirements are met.

Category Five: Community Assistance by an Individual Nomination Form 2019

Consent for BBA judges to call community contacts has been confirmed with contact?